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Store ESR Gear Accessories

Welcome to the universe of ESR Gear accessories, where every gadget you need for your phone or smartwatch is at your fingertips. Our range includes a wide variety of products designed for the latest iPhone, including iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15, as well as previous generations all the way up to iPhone 13. We also don't forget about Samsung device users, offering case and glasses tempered cases that perfectly fit your phone. Discover the full range of ESR Gear accessories and equip your device with the best gadgets on the market. Welcome to a world where technology meets design, offering customized solutions for your needs.

Chargers ESR Gear

Our chargers ESR Gear will be appreciated by connoisseurs of electronics, who appreciate quality and modern solutions. We offer innovative chargers ESR Gear , including: inductive, car, USB-C, lightning and many others. They will make sure that your phone or smartwatch will never be left without power, even during long journeys. Our chargers are compatible with MagSafe, ensuring fast and efficient charging of your devices and compatibility with accessories from MagSafe.

Phone Mounts ESR Gear

Mounts on phone and mounts car ESR Gear are another product category that deserves attention. They make using navigation or taking calls while driving safe and comfortable. Choose from mounts magnetic, which you can easily mount in your car, or bet on mounts compatible MagSafe, for even greater convenience of use.

Holders and stands ESR Gear

Holders and stands ESR Gear are ideal for those who appreciate convenience and functionality. Whether you're working, studying or simply relaxing with your favorite movie, these accessories will keep your device stable and securely supportedaRCie.

Apple and Samsung Cases ESR Gear

Cases ESR Gear for Apple and Samsung devices offer not only exceptional protection against drops, scratches or dirt, but also an elegant design that enhances the style of your smartphone. With a wide range of case ESR Gear series, you can find the right case for you, in the color of your dreams and with the level of protection that suits your needs.

Styluses ESR Gear

Styluses ESR Gear are the perfect tool for artists, designers and for anyone who uses a stylus to operate phone and a tablet. These accessories allow you to comfortably write and draw on mobile devices, so they can also be a place for your child to learn. Thanks to the high sensitivity of ESR Gear styluses, they open up completely new possibilities in interacting with your devices: Apple, Samsung and many others.

Accessories Apple ESR Gear

In our store ESR Gear you will find a wide range of accessories dedicated to devices Apple, which will provide comprehensive protection and unique style:

  • iPhone'y,
  • iPady Pro,
  • AirPods.

- We have everything you need to keep your Apple devices safe and stylish at all times.

For owners of iPhone'y, we offer case protective and glasses tempered cases to protect against drops, scratches and other damage. Case Apple ESR Gear are examples of products that provide great looks and a good level of protection, many of which offer a place for Apple Pencil or an automatic wake-up function for the device. For smaller devices, like the iPhone 12 Mini, we have slim, transparent case's with Shimmer, which adorn original the phone look with glitter or other pattern.

We also don't forget about camera protection: our glasses for the camera iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 provide clear photos, thanks to crystal clarity. These are fully transparent caps that protect against dirt on the lens and, most importantly, against damage. It will be almost impossible to scratch the camera with tempered glass, so you will be able to enjoy good photos taken even in spontaneous situations.

For those who appreciate the pristine appearance of display and full touch performance, we offer glasses tempered ESR. These are durable, hard and transparent surfaces that do not affect touch sensitivity, but protect the most important part phone.

Each ESR Gear Apple product is designed with the needs of Apple device users in mind, combining advanced protection with elegant design. Whether you're looking for protection for your iPhone, iPada or AirPods, you'll find accessories in our store that will meet your needs and allow you to enjoy a fully functioning device Apple.

Samsung accessories ESR Gear

For owners of Samsung devices, we offer a large selection of accessories ESR Gear Samsung. In our collection you will find products dedicated to a wide range of models, from the latest Samsung S24 Ultra, through the S23 series to the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Samsung M34 5G. We offer case ESR of all kinds: armored, with stand, with flap, transparent, black, with glitter, waterproof, wallet-style covers. Our case's are also characterized by great design.

The appearance of our products is very important, because we realize that case accompanies you together with phone for most of the day. It can't be a gadget that tarnishes your device, so we pay a lot of attention to our designs, including the visual aspect. Complementing the security features are glasses tempered, which will take care of hygiene and efficiency screena and full sensitivity of touch functions.

If you want to take care of 100% efficiency of your phone, it is worth using tempered glass for the camera. For example, in the case of Samsung S22 Ultra, or S24, it is a guarantee of protection of the lens from scratches and cracks. Glasses for Samsung camera ESR Gear allow you to maintain high quality photos due to the ideal transparency. Overlays also do not affect the quality of the displayed image, photos are not foggy or blurry, no extra glow. This is a very useful gadget for people who take pictures and record videos or make video calls.


In our store you will find case, glasses and camera overlays for the latest models phone, including iPhone's 15 Pro Max, 14 Pro, 13 Mini and every model Apple that enters the market. For newch models phone Samsung also offers a range of security accessories, with us you will protect your Samsung S24 Ultra, Samsung M34 5G, or Samsung S23 Plus. You will find here ESR Gear new products, which are characterized by innovation, interesting features and perfect design. We emphasize minimalism and modern design of our products, so they are perfect for both everyday and official situations and styling.